Torsten Nahm's Java Repository Documentation

de.torstennahm.integrate This package and its subpackages provide routines for multi-dimensional integration.
de.torstennahm.integrate.error Provides classes used for estimating the remaining error of the integral value during integration.
de.torstennahm.integrate.quadratureformula Provides one-dimensional quadrature formulas for integration.
de.torstennahm.integrate.sparse This package provides routines for multi-dimensional integration using the sparse grid algorithm and its adaptive version.
de.torstennahm.integrate.sparse.evaluateindex Provides routines for the evaluation of indexes form the adaptive sparse integration index set.
de.torstennahm.integrate.sparse.index Provides an implementation of mathematical multi-indices.
de.torstennahm.integrate.sparse.visualize Contains visualization classes specific to the sparse grid integrators.
de.torstennahm.integrate.visualize Contains classes for presenting the integration process and its results to the user.
de.torstennahm.integrate.visualizerdata Provides classes for passing information between the integrators and the visualizers.